Regardless of if your truck is a 20 year old pick up or a brand new semi, vinyl wrap can do wonders for you. Trucks are naturally easier to see since they’re larger than cars, and this means that they can reach more eyes than a car. This makes the vinyl wrap even more appealing for truck owners. 


Camo Truck Wraps

Wrapping a truck in camo is one of the most standard wraps, and it looks good every time. There’s something about a truck wrapped in camo that just feels right. Sure there’s plenty of other options for a truck, but for most people, when they think of vinyl wrapping their truck they think of a camo truck wrap. 


Camo falls under a more premium vinyl wrap installation due to the fact that the design is easier to deform. While a lot of people suggest wrapping a truck yourself, we at Elite Vinyl Design can tell you that wrapping in camo is a lot harder than wrapping with a standard single color wrap. For that reason we would always recommend your bring your truck to a truck wrap specialist who can make sure your vinyl truck wrap comes out looking as good as possible. 


Truck Graphics

There’s a lot of instances when truck owners aren’t looking for a full truck wrap and instead are just looking to add a bit of an extra flare to their truck. This is where truck graphics come in. By using graphics in the form of vinyl you can easily turn your standard truck into an advertising machine, quickly reaching thousands of local eyes by simply driving around. 


Truck graphics can include your standard logo or lettering for your business, racing stripes, roof wraps, or even custom panels being wrapped, such as your fender flares. Really, if you can dream it, wrap can accomplish it!


Van Wraps

Van wraps are almost exclusively for commercial and business purposes. It’s very rare that we find a customer who wants to wrap their van a different color simply to increase the aesthetic of the van. Usually they want to capitalize on the blank space that a van gives you. Vans can play host to huge graphics that most vehicles simply cannot handle, and that means you can really get creative with your advertising when it comes to vans.


Food Truck Wraps

Much like van wraps, food truck wraps are made for advertising. You’ve come across a brilliant recipe and decided to start a food truck stand? That’s great, but most people don’t want to come up to the truck to see what it is your selling. They want to know what your offer is from across the street. 


With the use of vinyl wrap on your food truck you can advertise to anyone in seeing distance what it is that you are selling. The added benefit of vinyl is that you can remove and replace it easily, which means that if you update the menu regularly, you can get it custom printed on vinyl and have it plastered on the side of your food truck. 


Trailer Wraps

Trailer wraps vary widely, and are one of the most customizable wraps out there. This is simply due to the enormous amount of space presented to the wrap artist. You can advertise multiple businesses easily with a trailer wrap and still have room for a cool design. 


A proper trailer wrap is so much more than just a way to advertise your business. It’s a statement of your business. It can signal to anyone who sees it what you are about and gives you a huge canvas to showcase your ideas. 


Do you have a truck wrap in mind? Are you just curious to hear about some of the many possibilities available for your truck? Give Elite Vinyl Design a call today to learn more about what we do and how we can turn your truck into a work of art!


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