Race cars are one of the most exciting wrap projects that we could ask for. That’s becuase we have racing in our blood. It’s how we got started in the vinyl wrap world, and it’s what keeps us inspired. Working on custom race cars has been a passion of Elite Vinyl Design for years, and it’s a job that we cherish. 


For race car wraps, there’s a ton of different options available. You can copy what others have already done and use a famous livery design, or you can work with a designer to create a fully custom wrap that’s unique to your vehicle. We’ve had friends wrap their cars with the same style, or teams use the same car wrap to help create a uniform look out on the track. 


Race cars are cool, and they’re meant to look cool. Race cars are also a great time to try out a crazy color scheme, or do something overly flashy, because that’s normal in the racing world. Out on the street, if you customize your car too much you end up attracting unwanted attention. But on the track? You want all eyes on you. And we can help put them on you. 


Why Not Paint? 

Lot’s of racing shops paint their vehicles, slap a few numbers on them, and send them out on the track. Usually the painting is done in house, and it’s for obvious reasons. Racers crash…a lot. Vehicles get damaged easily. Parts are broken and replaced often. It’s just the nature of the sport. But vinyl wrap provides a quick and cheap alternative to traditional paint. 


If your race car is wrapped and you crush your fender, when the new fender is installed you just need to apply vinyl to that fender. The vinyl looks clean and new and doesn’t have that oh so common spray paint drip. It keeps your car looking the best it can in the fastest way possible at the cheapest price. 


Race Car Graphics

On top of wrapping race cars, graphics installations are extremely common. Everyone has a number on the side of their vehicle, and most have stripes as well. Racing graphics provide a way for your team and companies to get the recognition they deserve. Do you have a partnership with a tire or exhaust company? Slap one of their graphics on your car, and be sure to ask for something for free from them since you just gave them great advertising space!


Race car wraps provide flexibility to your vehicle in its most overworked times. The track is a crazy place and lots of variables come into play. Most cars don’t have a long life span, and those that do certainly show the wear and tear. Getting a race car wrap is by far the easiest solution to keeping your vehicle looking good while it’s working its hardest. Contact Elite Vinyl Design today to get your free race car wrap quote.


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