Many exotic car owners are faced with a true challenge in today’s world. Should they risk their pristine paint job for a few hours out on the open highway? Well with exotic car wraps becoming a more common option, you no longer have to worry about blemishes to your paint job since vinyl does a great job at protecting your vehicles paint!


Signs Of A Professional Car Wrap

With the explosion of vinyl wrap onto the car scene it’s hard to tell the quality shops from the duds. All vinyl wrap looks good from far away, but only a handful stand the test of close encounters. That’s because most shops are afraid to do what’s necessary to ensure that your wrap looks good up close. What’s necessary?


  1. Pulling door handles apart
  2. Removing your bumpers
  3. Removing any plastic or trim pieces
  4. Removing antennas
  5. Removing badges
  6. Removing side view mirrors
  7. Removing lights


For a professional vehicle wrap all of these small and intricate pieces need to be removed so the vinyl wrap film can safely cover and wrap around the corners of your car. This ensures the vinyl won’t start to peel from the edges and will last on your vehicle for as long as possible. 


At Elite Vinyl Design we’re no strangers to exotic cars. We have been working on cars since we were babies, and we have enough experience with different brands to confidently tell you that we can do the job the right way. We’ve worked on countless exotic vehicles and our customers trust that we know what we’re doing with their vehicles. 


Why Wrap?

We know, there’s lots of alternatives to vinyl wrap out today. You can go for a fully custom paint job, or take the easy route and Plasti-Dip your car. But we’re here to advise you to stick with a wrap. The reasons are simple:


Vinyl Wrap Paint Plast-Dip
Helps resale value by protecting paint Yes No Yes
Protects paint from road debris Yes No  Yes
Long Lasting Yes Yes No
Cost Effective Yes No Yes



The Process

Our process is simple really. It all starts when you reach out to us with the details of your desired wrap. 


  1. We will run you through your color options and weigh in with advice when asked. 
  2. We will schedule a date and time for you to drop off your vehicle and provide you with a ride home if necessary
  3. We get to work on wrapping your car
  4. We give you a call when we’re all finished
  5. You come to our location and quality check the work we have done
  6. You drive off smiling!


So what are you waiting for? Your one of a kind exotic car is only a phone call away!


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