Vehicles are the most common aim of vinyl wraps, and for good reason. All vehicles stand to benefit from vinyl wrap at one point or another. Vinyl can be used to advertise with your vehicle, it can be used to improve the look of the vehicle, or it can be used as a protection to the vehicle’s paint. The best part about vinyl wrap is that if something happens to part of a vehicle, you can just replace that panel as opposed to painting the whole vehicle. 


With vinyl wrap, your options are endless. Common vehicle wraps range from race cars to police cars with everything in between and more. Want your trailer to match your car? With vinyl wrap you can do it effortlessly and at a fraction of the price of a paint job.


Different Vehicle Wraps

Because vinyl wrap is applied so differently compared to paint, new sets of options present themselves. On vehicles, vinyl is applied panel by panel, meaning you don’t need to wrap the whole vehicle if that’s not what you desire. There’s plenty of other options.


Hood Wrap

This is a really common target for racing stripes. The hood of a vehicle remains one of the key identifiers of a vehicle and has historically been a prime target for extreme customizations. With vinyl wrap you can get really creative, but the most common type of hood vehicle wrap we see is either black or carbon fiber. 


Roof Wrap

A roof wrap is just what it sounds like. It’s one of the most commonly asked for wraps, and that’s because a roof wrap is simple, cheap, and looks so good. Most car manufacturers have just started to wisen up to the demand for black roofs on cars. So if you have an older car and want it to look a bit more modern a roof wrap is an amazing option. 


Partial Vehicle Wrap

There’s lots of vehicles that demand only a partial wrap. Think of two toned work trucks or race cars or even police vehicles. The ability to wrap single panels of vehicles creates exciting and interesting opportunities that are easy to experiment with since vinyl is easy to remove


Full Vehicle Wrap

Finally we have the full vehicle wrap. These wraps are incredibly common on all types of vehicles. Commercial vehicles get a great benefit from a custom wrap that helps them stand out in traffic and attract attention. Exotic vehicle owners benefit from protecting their original paint, and just about everyone can benefit from a fresh look on an old car!


Generally a full vehicle wrap will refer to a vehicles exterior pieces only, but on some occasions this may end up meaning the wrap is applied to the inside of the vehicle as well. It really depends on the desired effect of the wrap. Having a conversation with your vinyl wrap specialist is the best way to make sure you get what you’re looking for. With their years of experience they may even have options that you never even thought of. So don’t wait, contact us today and let’s talk about your vehicle that needs wrapping!

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